easy & delicious


air fryer

It takes just under 20 mins to get that crunchy exterior & tender interior with this made from scratch recipe!

fish sticks 


• firm white fish  • onion powder • all-purpose flour •  egg •  panko bread crumbs •  Italian seasoning •  olive oil or cooking spray

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Prepare your dredging station by placing 3 bowls. Have the fish already cut into strips & pat them dry with a paper towel.

step 1

In the first bowl, you'll have the flour & seasoning. In the second bowl the whisked egg & the third bowl, the breadcrumb mixture.

step 2

 Roll each piece of fish into the flour mixture. Dip it into the egg mixture, making sure to coat the entire surface.

step 3

Finally, dip in the breadcrumb mixture. Place the fish into the preheated air fryer & repeat with the remaining fish sticks.

step 4

Cook the fish sticks as directed in the air fryer till perfectly done!

step 5

these are always a crowd pleaser!

serve & enjoy!