air fryer

why you'll love this recipe!

~ crispy outer crust

~ tender & flaky on the inside

~ delicious & simple to make

~ always a crowd pleaser!


–  catfish fillets –  yellow cornmeal – cajun seasoning – salt – pepper – unsalted butter – olive oil spray – lemon wedges


In a  bowl, melt the butter. Drizzle it on top of the catfish & rub it onto all sides.


In a shallow dish, mix the yellow cornmeal, Cajun seasoning, salt & pepper.


Dredge each catfish fillet in the cornmeal on both sides. Press the cornmeal onto the fish making sure it adheres.


Place the fish fillets into the basket in a single layer. Air Fry for 14 mins, flipping halfway.

Catfish is done when it is crispy & golden brown on the outside &  flakey on the inside!

serve & enjoy!

Finish it off with a squirt of lemon juice!

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