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instant pot


a 15-minute one-pot meal made with seasoned ground beef, a flavorful marinara sauce & tender spaghetti noodles!

instant pot spaghetti


• olive oil • ground beef • Italian seasoning • salt & pepper, to taste • spaghetti pasta • good-quality marinara • parmesan cheese,

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Add olive oil, ground beef & seasonings to the instant pot. Cook the meat until no longer pink!

step 1

Pour in the water  use it to deglaze the pot by scraping the brown bits off the bottom.

step 2

Take your spaghetti noodles & break them in half. Lay them down forming a criss-cross pattern.

step 3

Pour the marinara sauce & tomatoes over the noodles, covering the noodles completely.

step 4

Close the lid & set the valve to sealing. Pressure cook on high.

step 5

Open the lid, stir everything together well & serve hot with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese & fresh parsley!

step 6

serve & enjoy!