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Vietnamese Braised Pork & Eggs

A traditional Vietnamese sweet and salty simmered dish of pork and hard-boiled eggs braised in a savory coconut caramel sauce.  So delicious!

thit kho


• pork shoulder or pork belly • caramel sauce • fish sauce • shallots, finely diced • coconut water  • boiled eggs • steamed rice

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In a bowl, add pork, salt, pepper & fish sauce. Stir until well combined. Cover & let it marinate in the fridge for at least 20 mins.

step 1

To the Instant Pot, add 1 cup of water & place 8 eggs on a trivet. Pressure Cook on high for 3 mins.

step 2

In the Instant Pot, select the saute option. Add oil, sear the sides of pork & transfer it to a plate.

step 3

 Add shallots & garlic and cook for 1-2 mins. Then, deglaze the pot with 2 ½ cups of coconut water & add in the remaining ingredients.

step 4

Add the hardboiled eggs. Then, let some of the liquid cook off & thicken, stirring  for 5-6 mins. Season to taste with fish sauce, sugar, or ground pepper!

step 5

 Serve over rice.